What is Influencer  Marketing Influencer marketing  is nothing but the way of exposing the brand in front of the wide range of audience associated with an influencer or the celebrity. Mechanism of influence marketing is functionalize in such a way that it gives extreme  and optimized result to the brand.  The numbers are not in hundred but they calculations and beyond any traditional marketing. So you might be wondering that what you can expect from fully strategized  marketing specially from influencer marketing.  Suppose you have approached an influence with 3 million followers and you have caught a millions  views on your sponsored content than you can expect a good amount of engagement on your business, What are the ways in which in this kind of marketing works There are few ways you can approach your audience while collaborating with influencers  You have to choose platform on which you want to put your content as there are to most used platforms   INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE  if you choose instagram and want to publish your sponsored content then still there are three ways  1- Posting an video on instagram  2-Posting sponsored story with swipe up link 3-Posting an photo sponsored content Coming To The YouTube Marketing while working influencers posting on you YouTube is a bit tricky , because most of the influencers give on single revision sponsored content integration. Now what does it means, well it simply means that influencer will integrate the product or the commodity of the brand in his/her regular video for a  specific time will be glorifying its few feature to the audience watching it. And then after completing the video the influencer will send the video to the brand sponsoring the video for approval. After approval of the content  in the video it will be uploaded upon the YouTube. Our Influencer Network Ranveer Alahbadia  1st channel Content Type fitness self improvement styling and grooming 1.6 million  2nd CHANNEL  Content Type Motivational, Business Related  & Podcasts with Celebs 2.39 Million Subscribers  Instagram followers 662k followers on instagram Gaurav Taneja  1st channel(Flying beast) Content Type Life style Vlogs, Travel Vlogs  2.07 million subscribers 2nd channel (Fit Muscle TV) Content Type fitness, body Building ,Healthy diet and wellness  1.3 Million Subscribers  Instagram followers 675k followers on instagram   Ritu Rathee Instagram followers 309k followers Aneesha Singh (Rikshawali)  1st channel Content Type comedy, skits, sketch and  styling and grooming lifestyle 2.38 million  Instagram followers 280k followers on instagram UIC  1st channel (Ur Indian Consumer) Content Type fitness self improvement styling and grooming 1.6 million  2nd CHANNEL(UIC Vlogs) Content Type lifestyle, food  Vlogs  400k Subscribers  Instagram followers 89k followers on instagram Ahsish Bhatia  Content Type Vlogs , fitness, styling and Grooming 286k subscribers Instagram followers 554k followers on instagram CELEBRITIES MJ5  472k followers on instagram JANNAT ZUBAIR 12.7 million followers on instagram ASHI SINGH 427k followers on instagram Amanda Cerny 26.3 millions followers on instagram  

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